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I am Why Goggle Glass Will Fail*

I don’t like to wear glasses. They make me feel like Elton John. It’s because I have a small nose. The glasses look big on my face. I have never worn sunglasses because of it. I will probably never wear Google Glass because of that either.

So what’s going to happen to me? I find myself asking that question a lot, in a lot of different situations. Will I be alone? Will I be the black sheep in a sea of sheep who can name the cast of the original Red Dawn in a matter of seconds?

I just don’t think it’s possible that we will all succumb to this world changing innovation, because I can’t be alone when it comes to glasses. Which is why I think Goggle Glass will only take over part of the world. I’m guessing it will be the similar to the part of the world that wears cellphone earpieces.

(Side note: if I ever see someone wearing one of those while they are bowling again, I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do, but, just be ready to hear from a guy with 43 years of pent up aggression.)

Back to Google Glass. The YouTube clip shot on someone’s phone of the presentation at SXSW was exciting, amazing, made you think that the future you see in movies is finally upon us.

On a larger scale though, it is also a move towards hyper-immediate gratification, like immediate gratification after shot-gunning 6 cans of Monster. “That would be a nice picture.” Done. “I’d like to know when figs are in season.” Late summer. “I’d like to think for myself.” Google Glass emits high- pitched frequency that alerts a self-driven Google car to run you down in the street.

That is how it will influence advertising. Not the ears bleeding part, but the immediate gratification part. Coupons are going to pop up in to your glasses. 2-for-1 deals. A subliminal whisper from a white 25 to 35 year-old female voiceover talent insinuating that the more you buy, the more you will save.

At least with a phone, you have the time between taking it out of your pocket and raising it in front of your face to decide that you don’t need the set of grenade shaped coffee mugs (that I am buying as soon as I finish writing this).

I applaud innovators. I know the world will be different 5 years from now. I also know that I wear the same kind style of clothes that I wore in 6th grade and I don’t like to wear glasses.

*This blog was posted posthumously after the author was struck by a self-driven moped in the streets of Atlanta.

Ad Meter Hell

It is really only coincidence that our new website is going up a day after the Super Bowl and all of the commercials that come with it. It really is. Other than coincidence, why else would we ever put ourselves out there with something so personal during the most highly subjective and scrutinized time of the year for the advertising industry?

The time of the year when 95% of the U.S. population says, “I could do that” and the remaining 5% say, “this is the BEST Downton Abbey yet!”

I invited myself to a neighbor’s house to watch the game on a home theater system that was so big I felt the urge to pay for my snacks. After one commercial, I heard a dad say to his son “can you believe they spent a million dollars to run that spot?”

His son just said, “yeah”. I don’t think he was old enough to appreciate the true value of a million dollars or that it would give his dad enough money to never have to sit in someone else’s basement and watch the Super Bowl with neighbors he secretly hates for various reasons ever again. (I don’t think the dad remembered yelling at me for throwing away a pooper scoop bag in to one of his leaf bags).

The exchange made me think of all of the campaigns we’ve done over the years at Blue Sky. The excitement of making the pitch, waiting for good news from the client, getting everything ready for production and putting it out there in the world.

These days, with the response so immediate, one bad comment can knock the wind out of a campaign’s sails before the commercial is even over. Case in point the “God Made a Farmer” ad: Paul Harvey’s amazing voice and words, stunning images, simple branding and a powerful message…and the first posting you see from a google search is “Dodge Ram ‘So God Made a Farmer’ ad not as great at everyone thinks”. (note the writer was so eager to get the critique up that the wrote “at” instead of “as”).

Man…that’s tough. You know you’re going to read it, think about the writer’s point and you may or may not agree. To a smaller degree those of you who watched and were thinking about buying a truck, may or may not want to buy a Dodge Ram anymore. Who really knows?

The work on our site represents years of doing our best for our clients. Concepting ideas and strategies that we have conviction about and then putting them out there in the world. Some have been hugely successful, some are compelling case studies, some, the victim of an anonymous post that makes all of the other good comments seem like hollow victories.

I guess the point is, these days, now more than ever, if you are going to survive in advertising, you have to have thick skin….like a farmer.

What we have been up to this year

Wow, it’s hard to believe that 2012 has come to an end. So much has happened and we have so many great memories that we just have to brag. This is the time of year to do it, right? LOL. Rob is doing great. Since Eileen got here from SF, he’s been able to focus on building new business and strategy for our existing clients. He is also really responding well to a very awkward company intervention where employees at every level got to tell him that he’s not always right. Mike continues to pursue his fading dreams of being a movie star by casting himself in every television and radio commercial he can. Greg not only continues to come up with huge campaigns for us, but also coached his kid’s little league team to a championship. He only wore his coach’s shorts to a few client meetings. OMG Greg, WTF? Jenifer continues to amaze us all with her ability to work and have a 3-and 1-year-old at home. Nobody really bothers to tell her there’s spit-up on her shirt anymore. Everybody thought it was funny when Mike said, “Jen, it looks like one of your kids made a fashion statement on your shirt” at a client meeting. Actually, no one thought it was funny. Annie is still running the show behind the scenes, but she’s being pretty stubborn about giving up the Britney Spears cut-out on her office wall. Come on girl, RU4REalz? Britney is so old, she knew Burger King when he was a prince. HaHaHaHa!!! Melissa was really excited to add Bonnie to the media team this year. Hit them up for free tickets whenever you want, they love that. I know it’s weird to say in a letter like this, but Bill is an ass and he knows it. Still thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. No one is really sure what he does or why he still works here. Everybody makes fun of his car and how he holds his coffee mug when he’s on the phone with a client. If you are reading this Bill, you are really a serious A-S-S, which is why everyone starts acting weird when you invite yourself to lunch and why if someone gets stuck talking to someone they don’t want to…we actually call it “getting Billed.” How can he not know? Jenn and Andrew have been great new additions to the agency this year. Jenn has everyone fascinated with unicorns and nuggets and leaving no font unturned, and Andrew has everyone fascinated with how he can turn what should be a one-sentence email into a 40-page essay. I know, right? Erika, Acree, Lacey, Judson and Eric are just so awesome and it’s safe to say they are all experts on every shoe style you can imagine. You cannot believe how crazy it gets here on f#ck-me-pumps Fridays!!! Ed and Fran have welcomed the new girl to the studio. We are all excited about learning her name at some point. Zach, Jon and Troy have all finally accepted that people who come back to their side of the office are not really coming to say hi, but are just on their way to either smoke or use the “nice” bathrooms. Forey was excited to move to the front desk to get away from Bill. Seriously Bill, she’s like half your age dude. Gross. Allie, Cameron, Laura, Shannon, Megan and Casey are all living the dream on the account side. They’re all super-excited about our new creative briefs and job starts because, like that cute FedEx delivery guy, they just want all of our work to be on time and have a cute little butt. ROTFL!!!! Oh, and we can’t forget the most laid back person here, Ryan. He the best office manager ever. He’s like Morgan Freeman’s character in Shawshank. He can get you anything…Sharpies, Xanax, binders filled with women. LMAO!!!!

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with us, which we know is exactly what you want from a holiday card.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2013...

Your friends at Blue Sky.



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